About Us

Suomen Rokotepalvelu Oy is a healthcare company founded in 2008. We offer vaccination services. The idea is to bring vaccines close to our customers and make it easier to take vaccines. We provide medicine based information to consumers about vaccines outside the national vaccination program.

Suomen Rokotepalvelu Oy is known for the VaccineBuses (Rokotebussi) it has operated for many summers. Operations expanded in November 2020, when the company opened a Vaccination Clinic in Ateneuminkuja, Helsinki – Finland’s first walk-in vaccine clinic. The second clinic opened in Iso Omena, Espoo, in April 2021 and the third in Vantaa Tammisto K-Citymarket in October 2021. In addition, we provide vaccine services for workplaces.

The business is owned by VaccinDirekt (www.vaccindirekt.se), Sweden’s leading provider of vaccine services. VaccinDirekt’s business in Sweden includes 22 vaccination clinics and 9 vaccine buses.

Our Clinics

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Business ID: 2205824-6

CEO: Olivia Kuusinen olivia.kuusinen(at)rokotepalvelu.fi  040-1563 112

Conflicts of interest: The company does not have conflicts of interest. The physician-in-charge Jukka Vakkila has been a lecturer on events arranged by Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Genzyme, GlaxoSmithKline and Baxter during the years 2007-2011.

Patient Ombudsman:  Tiina Lehmuskoski
tiina.lehmuskoski@potilasasiamies.fi / 0445597777 (NOTE! No vaccine enqueries)