Answers to common questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Q: What TBE vaccine are you using?

A: Our clinics and buses generally carry both vaccines sold in Finland (Ticovac and Encepur). Most likely, both vaccines can always be found at our vaccination clinics, which have larger stocks than the busses.

Q: What flu vaccines are available in Finland this year?

A: The viruses selected for vaccines are different for the northern and southern hemispheres and are based on annual recommendations issued by the WHO. Virus strains used are similar in all manufacturers’ vaccines. Influenza vaccines are all equally safe and equally effective. None of the seasonal influenza vaccines use adjuvants, which are typical active ingredients in many other vaccines.

Q: I received two doses of TBE vaccine four years ago, but I forgot to take the third vaccination. Do I have to start the vaccination series from beginning?

A: If the vaccination schedule is interrupted and the vaccination interval is longer than recommennded, you will usually resume from where you left off last time. The body does not forget about previous vaccinations.

Q: I have heard that children under the age of 7 should not be vaccinated against TBE. Is that right?

A: No, that’s not true. The TBE vaccine can be given from 1 year of age. Even young children can have a serious form of the disease and have difficult long-term complications.

Q: I have a common flu. Can I still come?

A: We only vaccinate healthy people. Our vaccination clinics are open all year round. Come take the necessary vaccinations when you are well.

Q: I’m afraid of needles, what can I do to make vaccination easier?

A: The most important thing is to tell our nurses. This will allow us to give you extra time and allow you to get vaccinated lying down. Make sure you eat and drink well if you faint easily. Read our article What if vaccination scares? before coming.

Q: I’m breastfeeding, can I still get vaccinated?

A: Usually this is not a problem for you or your child. However, our nurses will look at your personal situation when you get vaccinated. Some vaccines that contain live viruses are not recommended during breastfeeding.

Q: I’m pregnant, can I still get vaccinated?

A: We recommend that you consult our staff or doctor. Pregnant women may also need vaccinations. It has been shown that some vaccines can benefit the health of both mother and child, and therefore their use during pregnancy is justified. However, the benefits and potential disadvantages of vaccinating pregnant women need to be carefully considered. We recommend the flu vaccine for pregnant women.

Q: My son is allergic to eggs, can he be vaccinated?

A: Some of the vaccines are grown in eggs and could theoretically cause allergic reaction. A person who’s allergy isn’t severe can be vaccinated normally. We always go through all allergies before vaccination and decide case-by-case if the egg allergy prevents you from getting vaccinated.

Q: On what schedule should I take the TBE vaccine?

A: The basic vaccination series includes three vaccinations.

The second dose is given 1-3 months after the first. The third dose is given 5 to 12 months after the second dose.

If faster protection is needed, a second dose may be given as early as two weeks after the first.

The boosters are given as follows:

  • first booster is always given after 3 years

After this:

  • under 50-year-olds every 10 years
  • 50-60-year-olds every 5 years
  • over 60-year-olds every 3 years

For immunocompromised persons we recommend three vaccines in the first year in months 0,1 and 3 and a fourth vaccine after 12 months. This means one extra vaccination compared to the normal programme. Immunocompromised persons should get TBE-booster every 3 years, regardless of age.