Tick ​​removal

A tick was found in a child or dog! What do I do, how do I get it out? Did anyone get the disease?

The main rule is that the tick should be removed from the skin immediately. Infectious agents such as borreliosis are transmitted to humans in 1-2 days. The risk of infection increases significantly when the tick has been attached to the skin for more than 12-24 hours. TBE virus infection is transmitted even faster, almost immediately when the tick bites the skin.

Do not squeeze the tick or cover it with grease. If you can’t remove the tick completely, wait a few days for the remnants of the tick to be easily removed with tweezers or a clean needle.

Our VaccineBuses and Vaccination clinics have a tick removing tool for sale. You can attach it to your key ring so it is at hand as soon as you detect a tick in your skin.

  1. Use the tick tool or tick tweezers to remove the tick
  2. Dispose of the tick properly (flatten it inside a paper and flush down the toilet or burn in the fireplace).
  3. Disinfect the bite site on the skin
  4. Monitor your skin and any changes in the next few days
  5. If there is a circular red spot over 5 cm wide at the site of the bite, see a doctor