What vaccinations do I need?

We help our customers to take care of their vaccination needs. Although many vaccines provide long-term protection against serious diseases, not all vaccines protect for life. Adults easily forget to boost their vaccinations. Both children and adults may need some extra vaccines when travelling abroad. There are also important vaccines that are not part of the national vaccination program in Finland. For example shingles vaccine and pneumococcus vaccine for adults 50+.

We are happy to advise the whole family on vaccination needs. Vaccines are always given according to the need and discretion assessed by our healthcare professionals. It is important to remember that the vaccine only helps if given in advance. Read the article What vaccinations do I need?

Children receive their vaccinations normally according to the national vaccination programme. In Finland these vaccines are mainly given at the child welfare clinics. There are several vaccines that are not included in the national vaccination programme and should be considered if traveling with children at home or abroad. 

What vaccines do I need for the trip?

It is a good idea to find out your vaccination needs well in advance of your trip. The need for vaccinations depends on the destination. In Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, vaccine protection provided by the Finnish vaccination programme is usually sufficient. However, vaccine protection should be kept up to date.

When travelling outside Europe, find out what vaccinations are needed in the destination country. We recommend to do this well in advance (at least 2 months) before the trip. This way the vaccine protection is valid at the start of the trip. Many vaccinations require several doses of the vaccine every few weeks or months before travel.

Read on our website what vaccines you need for your trip or book an appointment to our clinic for travel and vaccine counseling.