Yellow card – International Certificate of Vaccination

When travelling, the WHO International Certificate of Vaccination i.e. yellow card, is an important document of the vaccinations received. You can collect information about all your vaccinations in the card and it serves as an official document of getting a yellow fever vaccination.

Yellow fever vaccination is a requirement in many countries for tourists arriving from/to a country where yellow fever occurs. Yellow fever is a serious acute mosquito-borne viral disease that occurs in sub-Saharan Africa and South America. For some countries, a certificate is also required even if the person has only made a stopover in a country with yellow fever.

The yellow fever vaccine is one of the few vaccines for which a vaccination certificate can be required from an incoming tourist. The vaccination certificate is valid after ten days from vaccination and is valid for the rest of your life (marked ‘life of person vaccinated’). In order for a yellow card to serve as an official document, it must bear the official Yellow Fever vaccination center stamp.

The price of yellow fever vaccination at Suomen Rokotepalvelu includes an official yellow card with the required official stamp. The yellow card allows you to conveniently store information of all vaccinations received.

In some situations, a certificate for other vaccinations may also be required at the time of entry to a country.  Saudi Arabia requires pilgrims to have a certificate for a meningococcal vaccine (groups A, C, W and Y).

Contact one of our vaccination clinics if you need help planning your vaccine schedule or are considering the need for a WHO International Certificate of vaccination i.e. Yellow Card.