Travel vaccinations and counseling service

Before traveling, check the vaccination recommendations for your destination. You might also need malaria prophylaxis for your trip.

Travelers’ vaccinations include for example:

The need for additional vaccination and prophylaxis is assessed on the basis of the duration of the trip, the nature of the stay (travelling in rural areas, backpacking, family trip, exchange student trip) and the risk of disease in the destination country. 

Our nurses and doctors specialized in travel medicine can help to plan necessary vaccinations before your trip. We have all travel vaccines available at our clinics.

Traveler’s counseling service

If you need advice about the vaccines you need please book an appointment and you will receive a written vaccination program for yourself and your family and any necessary prescriptions against malaria from our doctor. At the same visit, we can immediately start the necessary vaccinations according to your vaccination schedule. If you wish, you can also get advice on, for example, food hygiene and protection against mosquitoes. The price of the travel counceling is 35 €. You can book an appointment by calling to our vaccination clinics